How Pendle Works

Why is Pendle different?

Pendle is a box packed toilet cubicle system comprising of Box A (Door Pack) and Box B (Partition Pack).

Every cubicle door requires one Box A and every cubicle partition requires one Box B.

These box packs allow for easy handling and transport and are usually dispatched within two working days (48 hours) of order – a vastly reduced lead time compared with made-to-measure cubicle products.

  • Box A – 1820 x 970 x 70mm (35 Kgs)
  • Box B – 1820 x 970 x 70mm (50 Kgs)

How does the Pendle system work?

Pendle packs contain all the necessary panels and fittings to construct almost any configuration of toilet cubicle commonly in use.

Door and partition panels can be cut-to-size on site – the cut edges are protected by full-height door hinge and wall channels.

The full-height door hinge channel is through-bolted to front panels for a stronger and more secure cubicle door fixing.

Cubicle Configurations

Cubicle Configuartions


Responsibly sourced materials

Panels are durable Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) with 2.0mm PVC protective edging. MFC is not suitable for use in shower areas.

Cubicle Centre ensures the wood used to make its products comes from the most responsible sources available and now supply FSC® certified Pendle cubicles on request.

 Pendle FSC logo

Box A (Cubicle Door Pack)

This pack contains all the necessary panels and fittings to create an enclosed toilet cubicle with a maximum width of 1200mm.

The Pendle Box A pack also includes an outward opening adaptor to complete a cubicle door fitted for outward opening use.

Pendle cubicle fittings are compliant with the Equality Act 2010. The cubicle latch is suitable for users with impaired manual dexterity (can be operated with a ‘closed fist’).

Box B (Cubicle Partition Pack)

This pack contains all the necessary panels and fittings to create a toilet cubicle partition with a maximum depth of 1800mm.

Cubicle legs (partition supports) are set-back and fixed to the partition, whilst providing a solid fixing to the floor.

Pendle cubicle dimensions

When specifying the Pendle cubicle system: Every DOOR requires one BOX A pack Every PARTITION requires one BOX B pack


The cubicle door supplied in Box A measures 950mm (wide). It is to be cut-to-size on site. This cut is then concealed by the full-height hinge channel. 


Pendle colour options




Plain Grey


Pendle Junior colour options


Dragon Fruit

Pendle panel systems

Designed for either Urinal or WC panel configurations, the Pendle Panel System has an overall height to match Pendle toilet cubicles (1950mm) in colours to match. This box packed wall panel system can be cut-to-size on site to fit various cubicle widths up to a maximum of 1200mm.